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Accuracy and the use of specific terminology for each case

At Habla Translation & Interpretation, we do simultaneous interpretation, both in on-site and virtual events. Our interpreters perform at conventions, conferences, trainings, remote online conferences, and webinars.

In addition, we have a platform for webinars, web conferences or any type of online meeting, a solution that offers features such as:

  • · Registration of participants
  • · Various meeting formats
  • · Recording by language
  • · Placement of your logo
  • · Link to transmission and multiple languages connected by relay
We believe that in order to have a successful international event it is necessary a high-quality interpretation service that not only transmits the message clearly from one language to another, but that convey the intention of the speaker, whether it is an on-site event or through a virtual platform.

The interpreter translates the speaker's message into the target language in real time. Meanwhile, the speaker continues speaking without any pauses.

For this reason, interpreters are located in an equipped and soundproof booth, where they listen to the speaker and simultaneously provide the interpretation in the target language on behalf of all attendees who are listening via their headphones.

The speech will be divided in parts and the interpreter will remain close to the speaker, listening and taking note of what he/she is saying. When the speaker pauses, the interpreter will give the message in the target language.

This type of interpretation is for facilitating understanding among two or more parties who speak different languages. The interpreter is located at the same place as participating parties and he/she works as an intermediary, facilitating communication among the different participants in an event discussion.

By making use of our accompaniment service, one of our interpreters will accompany a person or delegation, performing liaison interpretation tasks in meetings, on visits, walks, etc.

The interpreter will sit or stand next to or stand behind those who do not understand the speaker's language (ideally not more than three persons) while simultaneously interpreting the spoken words in a quiet voice.

+ Peruvian Sign Language

For trainings, accompaniments, videos, interpretation for live television, with interpreters endorsed by the official sign language interpreter associations.


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"Taking the chance to work with Habla was one of the best decisions I've ever made. New companies and methods for us. Receiving the participants' congratulations on the good service was confirmation that the decision I made was the right one. Professionalism and excellent treatment before, during, and after the service would be our best description."

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