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Accuracy and the use of specific terminology for each case

Do you need support in your international event?

The success of an international event is the result of elements that work together, offering a unique experience for all attendees. This work requires planning, preparation and organization for each detail. At Habla TI, we are experienced in several international events. Therefore, we know what is required for the perfection of your event.

We seriously understand it is required a proper and high-quality interpretation service in order achieve the success of your international event. This service not only must deliver a clear message from one language to another, but also must deliver the speaker’s intention.

Habla Translation & Interpretation interpreters serve in conventions, conferences, work meetings, trainings, press conferences, among other activities. You can also contact us for:

  • Plant visits, construction works
  • Stands assistance in fairs and exhibitions
  • Negociations
  • Auditing processes

We have the strategy, resources and equipments required to offer you the most appropriate proposals according to your event style.

Simultaneous interpretation
The interpreter translates the speaker’s message into the target language in real time. Meanwhile, the speaker continue with his/her speech without any pause.

For this purpose, interpreters are located in an equipped and soundproofed booth, where they listen to the speaker and simultaneously perform the interpretation in the target language in favor of all attendees who listen to it through their headphones.

Consecutive Interpretation
The speech will be divided in parts and the interpreter will stay close to the speaker listening and taking note of what he/she says. When the speaker makes a pause, the interpreter will deliver the message in the target language.
Liaison Interpretation
Is performed to achieve an easier understading between two or more parties who speak different languages. The interpreter is located at the same space of interlocutors and he/she works as a “round bridge”, making the communication possible between the diverse participants in a conversation event.
Accompanying Interpretation
By hiring our accompaniment service, one of our interpreters will accompany a person or delegation performing liaison interpretation in meetings, visits, field trips, etc.
The interpreter will sit or stand next to or behind those people who do not understand the speaker’s language (no more than three people would be ideal). This interperter will perform the interpretation in a low voice, simultaneously whispering the speech.
Peruvian Sign Language

For training, accompaniments, videos, live interpretation for television. Our interpreters are endorsed by official associations of sign interpreters.


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