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We provide personalized attention and confidentiality

We work with different texts such as:
Commercial: Web sites, General Reports, Press releases, Catalogs, Marketing, Business & Finance Materials.

Technical/Scientific: User guides, technology, mining

Scientific articles: Text books, Specialized magazines, papers.

We also offer:

Proofreading Editing
The style editing is the review, cleaning and improvement process applied to a text in order to achieve a clear,understandable, accurate (proper expression of ideas) and uniform (editiing decisions applied to all the work) target text.

In order to achieve this, the proofreader must remove grammar mistakes and misspellings as well as to get unity and consistency in all aspects related to an adequate and proper use of the language, such as: syntax, spelling, semantics, lexical reiterations, unnecessary redundancies, ambiguities, contradictions, use of capital letters, signs, punctuation and accentuation.

Transcription, translation and insertion of the subtitle to the desired language.
Dubbing and voice-over
Transcription, translation and dubbing to the desired language.

Selection of the most qualified translator/interpreter for your project

Our translations are performed by highly qualified translators with extensive experience in the matter they translate.

As a final step of the translation process, the document is reviewed and subjected to quality control.


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